A new feature story has launched on the main UBC website called The Next 100 Years for which 14 UBC researchers were asked to transport themselves into the future and imagine what they might be teaching and researching in the the year 2115. To accompany their contributions, I had to work on a series of portraits that helped convey the abstract ideas and contemplative nature of the feature story. Once again, I was privileged to work with UBC storyteller, Margaret Doyle, and Designer and Illustrator extraordinaire, Mark Pilon. After considering the variety of potential problems including location issues, we decided on dramatically lit studio portraits. I further challenged myself by using only one light for each portrait. Extremely talented Interactive Web Designer, Aida Viziru, completed the look with her touch adding graphics and other elements to bring it all together. Below are some of my favourites from the series.

CH_084BsmMK_092Asm MA_090Bsm LG_058Bsm KL_031Asm JM_043Bsm JH_-0062Bsm JB_042Bsm JA_083Asm HT_063Bsm EC_112Bsm DM_080Bsm DJ_070Bsm