In mid-November, I had the privilege of working with some extremely talented people to produce not one but three group photographs for an upcoming feature story on the main UBC website. I’m indebted to them for helping me overcome my lack of enthusiasm towards group photos. So big thanks to Margaret Doyle (writer/producer), Mark Pilon (graphic designer/illustrator), and  Matt Warburton (graphic designer) for their art direction and encouragement that I can pull off Annie Liebovitz style group photos without a six figure budget. Thanks also to Luisa Rino (stylist), Melanie Neufeld, and Anya Ellis (hair and makeup) for their meticulous approach to what they do. I’d also like to acknowledge my colleagues, Charlotte Sander (without whom none of these photo shoots would’ve happened) and Jamil Rhajiak, who helped me set up lighting, take test shots, and made sure everything just worked.